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Your body is not punishing you – It’s communicating with you.

Learn to listen, change your life

Did you know that for tens of thousands of years bleeding was thought to be a blessing (not a curse), and it was revered and celebrated? Did you know that in cultures where menstrual stigma doesn’t exist, period pain is virtually unheard of?  Did you know that there are unique superpowers available throughout the different phases of your monthly cycle?  Did you know that your cycle is supported by nature and is in-line with the moon’s lunar cycle?

Rooted deep in ancient wisdom, but with a fresh perspective that fits the lifestyles of today, Period Love offers tools, classes and retreats to explore the magic of the menstrual cycle, and the awesome benefits to being a cyclical being.  Transforming your relationship to your cyclical nature turns you back ON to your Feminine POWER.  This was a game-changer for me.  For years I suffered horrendously when I got my period.  I was told that my body was angry at me for not yet having children, and (here’s the really crazy part) I believed that was valid reason as to why I was in so much pain.  Chances are, you’ve also been misled about this natural bodily process in one way or another.  But, here’s what I learned:  Your body is not punishing you, it’s communicating with you!  Through years of research, trainings, and practice, I began to turn up the dial of my intuition, and listen to what my body was saying and it altered the course of my entire life.  Now I want to show you how to live a period-pain free, energetically sustainable, creatively explosive, personally powerful, intuition-based, spiritually-enriched life by understanding the ancient, scientific and spiritual secrets of your 28 day cycle.  Even for women who no longer bleed, or no longer have their uterus, all women are cyclical in nature, and can benefit deeply from this powerful knowledge.

Learn How To:

  • Unleash your cyclical superpowers
  • Be pain and PMS symptom free
  • Avoid burnout
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Cultivate a strong feminine intuition
  • Live a life of ease and flow
  • Experience creativity beyond your wildest dreams
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and others
  • Be initiated into the womb mysteries of cultures long forgotten
  • Model self-loving behavior to the young women in your life
  • Trust your body, trust your feelings, trust your voice
  • Connect your cycles with the moon
  • Learn the full story of what it means to be in a feminine body

Workshops & Retreats

In Flow Online Course

In Flow Online Course

Supported by an online community of sisterhood, journey into 8 weeks of ancient womb wisdom, biological secrets and feminine spirituality as you revolutionize your relationship with your cycle, decode the messages of your hormones, and step fully into your creative potential.


Classes and Retreats

Explore the secrets of the forgotten feminine Womb Tradition and dive very deeply in to the magic of your own cycles, as we journey to ancient sites of the Ancient Moon Goddesses around the world. These retreats are for women who are ready to take their womb awakening to a new level.

This portal created by womb shaman and menstrual mystic, Jamie Kagianaris, shares a myriad of tools and experiences to bring forth your own awareness of your personal cyclical superpowers. These tools point women towards their personal energetic and intuitive center, so that their full feminine essence can give rise.

About Period Love and Jamie Kagianaris

Recent Blog Posts

Cycles & Sexual Desire

Cycles & Sexual Desire

Have you ever considered that your sexual desire waxes and wanes in accordance with your cycle? For most women, it absolutely does! And typically, your libido increases around the same time every cycle. But, exactly when that peak of desire occurs may surprise you (it did me!)

The Womb – a Gateway to the Infinite

The Womb – a Gateway to the Infinite

When ancient people noticed that all life on earth was being birthed through the feminine, they concluded that the creator of all life must also be feminine. For over 30,000 years on this planet, God was a Woman, known sometimes as The Great Cosmic Mother, and the womb was a direct portal to connect with her creative potential.

Syncing Exercise & Your Cycle

Syncing Exercise & Your Cycle

Workout in Flow The US Women’s Soccer team did something revolutionary this year. The trainers had each player track her menstrual cycle and vary her exercise and recovery routines based on which...

Period Love is for you if…

You yearn to feel beautifully empowered in your body, all month long
You desire to connect with nature from a place of knowing your own nature
You suffer from womb dis-ease, heavy menstruation or PMS and long to know what the pain in your body is trying to communicate
You crave to reclaim your vitality, joy, and love for life
You want to live a life that is sustainable for you, your family, and your planet
You want to alleviate stress and come into balance with your hormones
You want to cultivate a deep sense of self-love that radiates out to others
You are curious to know how to move away from traditional birth control methods
You no longer have your womb and want to connect with your feminine energetic center, the hara
You want to step fully into their divine feminine, so that the divine masculine can rise to meet you

Once you connect with your cycle, you connect to your life force.

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