The Womb-

a gateway to the infinite

Our Ancient Ancestors realized that all life on earth was being birthed through the feminine so concluded that the creator of all life must also be feminine. For over 30,000 years on this planet, god was known as The Great Cosmic Mother, and her cosmic womb was believed to be the birthplace of all souls. (This is the secret history of the world left out of our textbooks).

But, before a soul can become embodied, it has to first pass through the womb of woman, and so ancient people all over the world concluded that this womb portal must be directly connected to the the Great Cosmic Mother. To our ancestors, the womb was centric in rituals, celebrations, and shamanic journeys to connect with the Creator.


Mayans believed there was a ‘whirling disk’ at the center of our galaxy called Hunab Ku, or ‘Mother Womb’ (symbol pictured below). They considered it to be our ultimate creator, the center for all consciousness, and a portal to other galaxies. In the ancient lands of India and Tibet there once existed powerful shaman priestesses who held the title of Khandro – meaning a female being who journeys through the emptiness (the cosmic womb). In celtic shamanism there was a tradition of entering the cosmic womb to be “twice born,” meaning initiates surrendered into the depths of the abyss only to be reborn anew to the great web of life.


Today, astronomers have confirmed that there is a supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy that births and swallows stars, including our Earth and Sun. In 2005 Dr. Scott Hyman, a US physicist and astronomer reported his  findings that this black hole was emitting “highly energetic frequencies of equal brightness in a consistent pattern that seem to be intelligently directed.” He said the extraordinary discovery had the entire astronomy community, “scratching their heads.”

How did ancient people discover such a powerful cosmic force thousands of years before telescopes and scientific readings confirmed it? How were women taking shamanic journeys through the fertile cosmic emptiness? And, if our ancestors knew the power of the womb to connect with the infinite, how might modern women tap into that today?


Alexandra Pope, author and womb empowerment educator says, “If you’re aware you can reach the most extraordinary altered states of consciousness during bleed time. It’s all here within us women, and it’s an outrage that this isn’t known!”

One of the reasons altered states are easy to reach during menstruation is because the bonding hormone, oxytocin, floods your body when you bleed. Oxytocin can wash you with feelings of connection, love, and unity and the key to tapping into this exceptional hormone is to carve out time to feel it.


To start tapping into the wisdom of your womb, try this practice during menstruation:

Create some extra space in your schedule to be alone for at least 30 minutes.

Get in a comfortable position and place your hands over your womb.

Take slow, deep breaths and bring your awareness to your womb space.

Tune in. Listen. 

Music can often deepen the experience:

This practice can be profound, but if you don’t hear or feel anything at first, try again. Our ancestors had generations of practice, so keep trying!


For most of human history women were tapping into the womb for shamanic journeying, spiritual rebirth, and connection to life, however this part of human history has largely been omitted. As Riane Eisler states, “To change our realities, we have to change our myths.”  When we know the whole story about the past it helps to create a clearer vision for what’s possible in the future, and perhaps knowing that your womb is sacred is in your future.

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