About Period Love

When it comes to menstruation there are hundreds of messages that teach women that their bodies are not to be trusted: Menstruation is a curse. Periods are disgusting. PMS makes women bitchy. Menstruation is women’s punishment. Women are crazy because of their hormones. A woman could never be in charge of the Western world – what would happen when she gets her (gasp)…PERIOD?!?

As ridiculous as these statements are, chances are you’ve heard some similar things before. And deep down, they may have altered the way you feel about your body.

Women who don’t trust their bodies, don’t trust their feelings. Women who don’t trust their feelings don’t use their voices. And women who don’t use their voices don’t need to be silenced. They silence themselves.

Jamie Kagianaris

Most women have deep rooted shame, humiliation or disgust in regards to their monthly cycles. Even sisters with deep spiritual or self-love practices often think of their cycle as unpleasant or, at best, an inconvenience. And when it comes to men, most stay as far away from the subject as possible because women have been taught to be so hush-hush about it. Even advertisers tells us that our best solution is to use a pill or a product to help us forget that we are a bleeding human being. Now you can go swimming and pretend nothing is happening! Huzzah! Women have been intentionally disconnected from their wombs. Disconnection from our wombs can make us sick, burnt out, longing for more in our lives, and ashamed of our bodies.

For centuries ancient cultures believed that the womb was the source of energetic feminine power and creativity that was intrinsically tied to the cycles of the moon. The womb was seen as an energetic portal capable of birthing new life and new vision to the world. It was believed that bleeding was a blessing that drew women’s attention back to their energetic centers, and came with it’s own mysteries and gifts. Today when women understand their cycle and reclaim their menstruation, it unlocks feminine superpowers that enable them to step into their full potential. Even for women who no longer bleed, or no longer have their uterus, all women are cyclical in nature, and can benefit from understanding the ebb and flow of the feminine.

Together, we will journey to uncover the truths of cultures long forgotten, delve into the superpowers available to women who live in flow, learn to listen to messages from the womb, strengthen the immune system, deepen our relationships to ourselves and others, cultivate creativity with ease, and strengthen our deep feminine intuition. Menstruation is your #1 tool for stress-management and psycho-spiritual growth. Your body is trying to get your attention every month to share all these secrets and more with you, but first you must learn to listen.

“Each woman who bravely heads out to discover her own menstrual cycle and transform the negativity surrounding it will find her way to her own source of power.”

Penelope Shuttle & Peter Redgrove, The Wise Wound

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