IN FLOW: Thriving in Sync with your Cycle

If you’re ready to be FREE from the negativity and period pain you’ve learned to expect, there is a way to step fully into the magic and mystery of living in harmony with your cyclical nature. I’ll show you how to

Decrease symptoms immediately

Access your feminine superpowers

Increase your energy and creativity

Turn up the volume of your intuition

Naturally balance hormones & increase fertility

Invite radical intimacy into your relationships

Inspire generations of positive change in your family

With the “IN FLOW: Thriving in Sync with your Cycle” Course you’ll create:

A new relationship with your body

Instant access to your physical and spiritual power whenever you desire

An intimate understanding of how to balance your hormones

A cycle-synced lifestyle that fuels your creativity & vitality

A new perspective on women’s role in history, and how it’s vital for shaping the future

A deepened sense of intimacy with your partner

Tools for initiating the next generation

In Flow: Thriving in Sync with Your Cycle Course

I was living with excruciating cycle pain and I was told my suffering was my body’s incurable way of punishing me. Refusing to believe that, I set out on a deep healing journey – body, mind and soul. For years, I studied womb shamanism, ancient wisdom cultures, eating for hormone balance, ritual and meditation, moon cycles and more. I interview experts around the world in the fields of feminine spirituality, womb healing, and hormone health.

I learned that the womb is the gateway to intuition, creativity, and power, menstruation is nature’s way of bringing attention back to this truth, and that learning how to live in flow with your cycle unlocks secret gateways to health and spiritual growth.

It did for me, and it can for you.

The wisdom I gained transformed the shame I felt about having a period, which had profound effect on my health, my relationships, and my creativity. I now live period-pain free, have revolutionized my fertility, created deep intimacy with my partner, and can access my feminine power with ease.

I’ve developed In Flow: Thriving in Sync with your Cycle to assist you in receiving this level of connection to your body, mind and soul through your unique feminine biology… effortlessly!

When it comes to your cycle,


Learn to listen – change your life!

Here’s what participants had to say

Kim D'Eramo, D.O.

“As a doctor, I’ve seen how powerfully our relationship with our body impacts our health. This work is essential to live pain-free and disease free. I enthusiastically recommend it for women of any age!”

Kim D’Eramo, D.O.
Bestselling Author of The MindBody Toolkit and founder of The American Institute of Mind Body Medicine

Charmaine Mitchell

“This has been instrumental in helping me change the conversation around menstruation in my house full of teenage daughters. They have learned to embrace their cycles and listen to what their bodies need. It has been a game-changer.”

Charmaine Mitchell
Founder of Sacred Space Sessions

Fabiola Bergi

“Not only does Jamie live and breathe Womb Wisdom, her sheer presence, power and radiance inspire me and others (as I’ve seen) to dive deeper into our full innate potential as a Woman.”

Fabiola Bergi
Qoya Teacher

In Flow: Thriving in Sync with your Cycle is the most comprehensive guide to having a healthy cycle available – spirit, mind & body.

You’ll get:

25+ informative online videos

Access to ancient rituals & guided meditations from the Womb Shaman traditions

A new embodiment practice each week

12+ checklists & cheatsheets to help guide your journey

Private Facebook group access, with live Q&A with Jamie every week

And tons of great bonus content – including expert interviews on tools to deepen your cyclical experience, recipes and how-to’s.

All for just $597

Plus, all videos and course materials come with unlimited access! There’s no timeline to finish, and you can watch as many times as you like!

Your body is trying to awaken you to the magic and mystery of the feminine EVERY SINGLE MONTH, but chances are you’ve never been taught how to listen!

That all changes NOW!

25+ Online Videos
Private Facebook group access
12+ checklists & cheatsheets

Put negativity, shame, and period pain behind you, and give yourself FULL PERMISSION to access the feminine superpowers and cyclical gifts available to YOU!

One-time payment of $597

Click the Sign Up button now, and
thrive in sync with your cycle!